Day One Sessions

Thursday Full-Day Workshops Round A

9:00 am – 3:30 pm

1.  “Interactive Literacy and Music”
Eric Litwin, Children’s Author, Musician
Grades K-3

In this fun and pragmatic workshop, “Mr. Eric,” creator of the initial four Pete the Cat titles, as well as The Nuts series and Crazy Joe, demonstrates how interactive techniques such as repetition, prediction, call and response, rhyme, meter, and movement are used to promote, inspire, and develop reading and writing skills.  He will also show you how interactive music serves as a springboard for writing and other language activities throughout your curriculum.  Come sing, dance, stomp, and clap and learn new strategies to put to work in your classroom this week!

 2.  “What Your Student Readers Need Next”
Gravity Goldberg, Author and Educational Consultant
Grades 3-8

We want our teaching to be targeted, to meet readers where they are, and to extend their learning just the right amount.  But that quest to be intentional can send us into a tailspin of hunting and gathering lessons and rubrics from here, there, and everywhere.  Gravity will show you a four-step process for making instructional decisions for readers that allows you to streamline your teaching and still have a big impact.  You will hone your ability to notice the types of thinking students use as they read and reflect on texts, and then teach into these patterns to help readers grow.

3. “Free Writing!  A One Day Writing Reboot to Bring Back the Joy to Writing Instruction”
Barry Lane, Author, Writing Expert, Singer, Filmmaker, and Jack of All Trades
Grades 3-12

In recent years, writing instruction has become more teacher- and program-driven.  In an attempt to align with standards, a student-centered writing workshop has taken a back seat to genre study and other more prescriptive approaches that often put curriculum demands ahead of student ownership and passion.  This one-day Writing Reboot will show you how to revive authentic writing instruction in your class and still meet learning targets.

You will learn how to:

– Create a question culture that sparks student ownership
– Put voice and choice into nonfiction writing
– Teach craft concepts to aid revision
– Make the Writer’s Notebook central to student’s learning
– Replace formulaic writing with exploratory writing
– Teach meaningful elaboration, not just adding details
– Use songs to teach students revision strategies
– Learn craft lessons in memoir writing
– Use humor writing to bring life to boring reports
– Create a safe zone for real writing in your busy curriculum
– Harness the power of high impact, low stakes writing
– Bring back the Joy to your students and watch their writing soar

4. “Integrated Literacy™: Using the Power of the Reading-Writing Connection to Accelerate Student Learning”
Steve Peha, Author and Literacy Expert, and Willy Wood, Author and Brain-Compatible Teaching Expert
Grades 6-12

Leveraging the reading-writing connection is the most powerful way we have of achieving success in four of the most challenging areas in teaching today: (1) Mastery of different writing forms; (2) Improvement of nonfiction reading comprehension; (3) Retention and recall of information, critical thinking, and problem solving; and (4) Increasing student engagement.

In addition to learning specific strategies to achieve all of the goals listed above, you’ll also receive information about the cognitive foundations of learning to read, write, and master new knowledge.  That is, you’ll not only learn the how, but you’ll learn the why, as well.  Understanding the cognitive research base underlying Integrated Literacy™ will allow you to more easily share it with other teachers and administrators.

You’ll walk away from this interactive workshop with not only a toolbox full of practical strategies, but you’ll also receive several hundred pages of bound materials ready to use in your classroom immediately.