Day Two Sessions

Friday General Session Keynote

7:45am – 9:00am

“Storytelling as a Political Act”
Shanna Peeples, 2015 National Teacher of the Year

Joan Didion said that we tell ourselves stories in order to live. I would amend that to say that we tell our stories in order that our students and our work may live in the public imagination. People are uncomfortable with the term political, but the root means community. And for teachers, our community is our classroom. Every teacher should use stories as a tool for several important reasons: First, stories are tools of power–especially those that center on fear. Stories also shape how others see you–research shows that stories that others tell about you influence how they see you, what they think about you, and whether they trust you. Stories–from our classrooms, from our experiences–are a creative political tool


Friday Sessions Round B

9:15 am – 10:30 am

Breakout Sessions Coming Soon!

Friday After Lunch Keynote

11:45 am – 1:00 pm

“Revision Decisions: Talking Through Sentences and Beyond ”
Jeff Anderson, Author, Educational Consultant

Writing is not a mere journey to be right; it’s one of making beautiful meaning. Students have to have OPTIONS to tinker and experiment with writing to clarify and elevate it. Let’s engage writers in the muck of play and thought that is essential to making writing effective. Let’s develop twenty-first century writers with all the flexibility needed to face the myriad of choices in an ever-evolving world. We can effortlessly teach grammar through revision and revision through grammar. The essentials of mentor text, talk, and process will be the focus of this strategy-packed session.

Friday Sessions Round C

1:30 pm – 2:45 pm

Breakout Sessions Coming Soon!

Friday Sessions Round D

3:15 pm – 4:30 pm

Breakout Sessions Coming Soon!

Winners’ Ceremony for 2018-2019 Scholastic Writing Awards Contest

4:45 pm – 5:45 pm

Each year, the Missouri Writing Projects Network scores student entries in the Scholastic Writing Awards Contest, then hosts the winners and their parents and/or teachers at a reception in their honor here at Write to Learn.  Everyone is welcome to stop by and applaud these exceptional young writers. img_0041

Friday Evening Keynote (Optional Fee)

7 pm – 8 pm

“The Heartsong Our Children Desperately Need to Hear”
Laurie Halse Anderson, Author 

In her evening keynote, Laurie will explore the ways teachers and students can bond through literature and explain how the ancient techniques of storytelling can help us all heal and grow.